Environmental Management Policy

Environmental Management Policy

 Fortune Parts Industry Public Company Limited, manufacturer and designer of complete range of automotive parts, strives to prevent and decrease pollution that could affect from normal operational business to the environment, including responsibility for the product, climate change, protect ecosystems, biodiversity and promote low-carbon activity. These are parts of business operation that all levels of managements must promote, support and consider to be a direct joint responsibility. Therefore, the Company would like to announce environmental policy to be a guidance for joint action as follows:

  1. Striving to comply with laws, customer requirements, and regulations relating to the effective environmental management system as well as supporting the necessary resources and sufficient information to achieve objectives, goals, and maintain environmental management systems for both local and national level in controlling, preventing, reusing, reducing usage and substituting to minimize pollution and environmental impact.
  2. Supporting continuous improvement of environmental management system and circular economy by supporting the resources necessary to control, prevent and mitigate the environmental impacts caused by business operations, including planning to reduce risks and creating opportunities using appropriate technology for efficient resources throughout the product life cycle, which is the responsibility of all employees.
  3. Support the efficient use of natural resources to achieve environmental balance as well as waste disposal or zero waste to landfill by implementing 4Rs strategies: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replacement to create value or add value to waste and to maximize waste usage.
  4. Communicating, campaigning, promoting and raising awareness of stakeholders responsible for the impact of potential business operations or risks in addressing climate change failures affecting greenhouse gas emission reduction, conservative of natural resources and the environment which leads to achieving the world’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  5. Define objectives, strategies, plans and goals for environmental work in climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by monitoring, reviewing operations and encouraging continuous improvement in development into low-carbon businesses.

Employees of all levels of the Company, including contractors and partners must strictly adhere to the Company’s environmental policy in implementing this environmental management policy and disclose to public at large.

Announced on 9th December 2019

(Mr. Sompol Tanadumrongsak)

Managing Director

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