Plastic Painting Service

Plastic Painting Service

Plastic Painting Services uses painting robot with 2K and closed system at 300,000 class, with the capacity of 53 million square decimeters per year. This technology also ensures the product quality, specified standards, high paint quality, and consistent resolution. Also, this advanced technology helps to reduce the rate of waste, costs, production time, which help the compnay to work faster and more efficiency.

With 30 years experiece, For tune Parts Industry promise to provide the excellent product quality and outstanding service to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

A Global Leader in Automotive Manufacturing Company

With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry

We have both manual and robotic spray painting processes

We have a complete
production process

We produce and provide
OEM and REM customers.

Product quality complies with international standards

Automatic Robot

Capable of taking a huge volume of work on a wide variety of tasks. The painting process is a closed system, 2K system with a capacity of 53 million square decimeters per year and 300,000 Class.

  • Can spray Piano Black
  • Can spray Pearl White
  • Can change 10 colors as specified

2K Plastic Painting Process

Primer Coat
Base Coat
Clear Coat
  • Gloss measurement complies with international standards                                                                                                                                                                                  DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ASTM D 523, JIS Z8741, BS 3900 Part D5, JJG696
  • Color difference (Delta E) JIS Z 8722 condition c standard
  • Thickness ISO 2815:1973

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