Sustainable Business Development in Harmony with the Environment and Society Policy

Fortune Parts Industry Public Company Limited is committed to managing in accordance with
good corporate governance ann Focus on business development and achieve sustainable
economic, social and environmental. It has been recognized by all sectors of domestic and
abroad. And encourage stakeholders operate responsibly Social and environmental or CSR, as
well as international business development along with environmental and social guidelines Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI), published annually. The company has leading practices in corporate
social responsibility and the environment as a part of the management of business processes.
The policy is as follows:

Good business supervision

Operate business under the related law and regulations with transparency. Follow the operational
policy and sustainable economy philosophy considering the benefits of the stakeholders, staff,
community and society,business partners, media, customers and people, competitors, creditors,
public sector and every stakeholder.

Fair business operation

Support free trade business competition. Avoid operations against beneficial discrepancies and
intellectual property infringement. Resist every form of corruption and support social responsibility
in every step of the business chain.

Human rights and staff treatment

Hold firm the corporate culture. Support and respect human rights protection. Treat staff with
equality and justice. Provide welfare, safety and good hygiene in the workplace including
following the institutional learning and staff development promoting policies for professional staff
development. Develop the working systems and innovations in the institution. Encourage staff to
take part in direct and indirect social responsibility activities.

Consumers’ responsibility

Develop products and services which are not harmful to consumers, have no effect on the
environment, meet or outdo customers’ expectations of quality under fair conditions and provide
accurate, adequate and unexaggerated information about the products and services. Keep the
customers’ secrets safe and do not use them for one’s own benefit and do not use them

Environment and safety

Be aware of and logically analyze the risk and effect concerning the environment and safety in
every step of business including the efficient use of resources and energy saving according to
international regulations. Social and community development participation Support the use of
business operation for the benefit of improving the quality of life, building the economy and
strengthen the community, neighbors and Thai society

Innovation development and publication from social responsibility

Support creativity and encourage stakeholders’ involvement in developing innovations that
balance the value and benefits for the community, society and environment in harmony with
sustainable business growth.

This policies, The executives have to be role models and the employees have to understand the
policies and follow to the principles to meet the expectations. The appointment is effective from
18 February 2016 onwards

(Mr.Sompol Tanadumrongsak)
Managing Director