Vision & Mission


“ We are the one of the leading plastic automotine parts manufacturer and hub of the distribution of automotive parts and expansion the business line to friendly environment for giving sustainable growth''


The management has an action plan and management organizations achive their goal by their approach to business since inception to date, the “Giving Sustainable Growth” provides sutainable growth by seven main policy FPICOSA as details below:

Forever Continuous Improvement

Development and create new innovation continues to add value to the products

Producing Quality Products

Products quality and friendly environment

International Penetration

Expanding the market through distribution channels wolrdwide

Customer Satisfaction

Creat satisfaction for employees customers and stakeholders.

On Time Delivery

Delivering products on time is another serious commitment of the company. Advanced logistic management system is put in place to provide on-time delivery.

Sustainability Development

Create a sustainabli society, business and stakeholders. Using principle of good governance and anti-corruption function.


Create a business partnership, create partners to cover business chain continues.


The company has reviewed the core values to ensure it is in line with the diverse business practices. The company also focuses on the development of business and social innovation that is environmental friendly in maintaining a balance between economic growth and environmental protection according to the objectives of organizations to create Eco Operation Excellence

Objectives and Goals

Fortune Parts Industry Public Company Limited focuses on sustainable growth by promoting innovation and technology, as well as being aware of social and environmental responsibilities that businesses have the possibility to create both direct and indirect impacts, with the purpose of creating a balance between the economic growth of the business and the environmental conservation. For taking care of the community and society, the company aims to build Eco Operation Excellence, which the major details could be summarized as below;

Business Goals

Creating Sustainable Performance Excellence The company operates its core business as a manufacturer and distributor of complete automotive parts, consisting of Replacement Equipment Manufacturing (REM), spare parts produced for manufacturers which are Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), products purchased for resale (Trading), services; plastic injection, painting, provide rental equipment; molds, and selling other products such as plastic bean and packaging. The company has product distribution channels covering 137 countries around the world, with reputation and trusted in company’s products and services of more than 800,000 business partners and customers. The company expected growth is to have Baht 3,000,000,000 of revenue by 2023. The company focuses on building a business network that could supports stable and sustainable growth of the company in expanding its customer base to Australia and Africa. Moreover, the company has invested in Safe Energy Holdings Company Limited ("SAFE") and Price of Wood Green Energy Limited in the biomass power plant business.

Operating according to the principles of good corporate governance and business ethics The company operates in accordance with the principles of corporate governance, anti-corruption, business ethics, risk management and management compliance with relevant laws and regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand in disclosing transparent and auditable business information. Furthermore, the company promotes the innovation culture in the organization, which will lead to being an innovative organization; both in the creation of new products (Product Innovation), creating new service innovations and creating new processes (Process Innovation), which will support the development of innovator who can integrate innovation with the effective management system.

Environment and Society Goals

Creating value for the environment The company operates on the basis of environmental and social responsibility by recognizing the importance of reducing the environmental impact caused by business operations, products and services. Throughout the past operation, the company has promoted the development of production processes, innovation to reduce the potential impact to the environment. The company set up an objective to use natural resources with value and reduce the use of limited natural energy. What is more, the company prepare the plans and measurements to participate in solving the failure of climate change which is currently ranked as top five world’s risk in 2019. In the impact and opportunity perspective, by comparing with 2015, the company has set a goal to reduce the amount of energy consumption per production unit by 10 % within 2019, reduce greenhouse by 10% of production unit within 2020, and reduce water usage by 10% of production unit within 2021. The company tied up this plan with the annual performance of the head of the department and higher to show the organizational commitment to respond to the global average temperature control of no more than 2 degrees Celsius increase. Furthermore, the company applies 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations to develop the business into a low-carbon business, promotes employment of disadvantaged and disabled people by hiring them as an employees and support local workers to participate in such activities.

Creating value for society The company operates on the basis of living happily with the community and society by focusing on creating educational and career opportunities for youth groups, especially in vocational education, to have knowledge, self-reliance, strength and ability to live on their own, and to promote the employment of disadvantaged and disabled. The company hires those people as a regular employees and supports the employment of local workers. The company also focuses on working processes with business partners in promoting health for cancer patients and promoting various activities of communities both around the company and in other areas according to the company policy and the development direction of the government and community to improve the quality of life, health and economy of the community in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Development Strategies

The company perceives an importance of the organization sustainable growth in raising the standard of the automotive parts industry that is environmental friendly for managing to the world’s standard level in creating competitive advantages. The company is taking into account the valuably use of natural resources in business management in order to achieve the organization's objectives in driving the business towards Eco Operation Excellence. The company has set the direction and strategy as a framework for the operation and regularly follow up to achieve the organization's objectives, which is including the following strategies;

 H       I         C 

Human Capital Development

Develop strategic human capital to be competent and competitive to become a major capital contributing to sustainable growth

Recruit human resources that are willing to work, having a sense of partnership and having opportunities of the career path in the organization to develop values and enhance skills of the human capital, following the dimension of quality, productivity, innovation and environmental and social responsibility to create the benefit of human capital utilization which could lead to create knowledge management in the organization and the exchange of knowledge transfer from both within and outside the organization and leads to a learning organization.

IT for Corporate Sustainability

Develop strategic technology to create a balance between human resources and technology, leading to the development of a sustainable management system

Develop innovation and technology in the system and develop data storage tools, more efficiently prepare for higher competition in the future and help Decision Support System for executives to drive both efficiency and growth of the business firmly.

Sustainability Culture

Create a strategic sustainability culture to create balance that businesses can adapt to the rapidly changing context

Create opportunities for businesses to systematically grow and manage business risks in the future to ensure that they are able to achieve the goals both in the short and long term, covering political, technological, economic, legal, social and environmental dimensions including promoting the analysis of the causes of driving forces, risks and related opportunities for sustainability.