Sustainable Energy Management Policy

Sustainable Energy Management Policy

Fortune Parts Industry Public Company Limited, manufacturer and designer of complete range of automotive parts, strives to use energy with efficiency and maximize the benefit by improving energy efficiency, reduce losses while monitoring and maintaining equipment for all activities and processes of the Company. To conserve energy consumption from normal business operations, such matters are part of the business that executives at all levels to promote, support and consider to be a direct joint responsibility. Therefore, the Company would like to announce energy policy to be a guidance for joint action as follows:

  1. Strive to comply with laws, customer requirements and regulations related to energy conservation and management effectively as well as provide adequate support for resources and information to achieve objectives, goals, and maintain energy management systems.
  2. Use efficient and cost-effectively production technology, production resources and energy to suit operational characteristics and accepted international practices by adopting 4Rs strategies: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replacement, which will lead to sustainable energy development.
  3. Adequately support the resources needed to execute human resource development, design, purchasing, sourcing machinery, production equipment and other services as appropriate by considering energy efficiency improvements, increase energy efficiency and energy saving are the responsibilities of executives and employees at all levels.
  4. Communicate, preserve, and promote and raise awareness of stakeholders in contributing to energy conservation, substitute energy development and renewable energy development, reduce pollution, reduce energy loss, and increase energy efficiency throughout the product life cycle in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  5. Define and review objectives, strategies, plans and goals for the development of energy management systems in accordance with international standards and prepare the Company’s energy management report for propose to management and disclose information to stakeholders every year.

Employees of all levels of the Company, including contractors and partners must strictly adhere to the Company’s environmental policy in implementing this environmental management policy and disclose to public at large.

Announced on 9th December 2019

(Mr. Sompol Tanadumrongsak)

Managing Director

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