Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Company has reviewed and improved the Code of Business Conduct. regularly to prevent conflicts of interest Insider Use and Confidentiality and use of technology information and communication It also promotes continuous compliance with the Code of Conduct in the following important issues:

Business ethics

  1. Respecting and Complying with Laws/ Rules/ Regulations/ International Practices and related culture
  2. Anti-corruption
  3. Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Interest
  4. Use of inside information and confidentiality
  5. Internal Control / Internal Audit / Risk Management and Accounting / Financial Reports
  6. Receiving and giving gifts/properties or any other benefits
  7. Procurement and fair treatment of trading partners
  8. Intellectual Property use of information technology and communication
  9. Political Rights and Neutrality
  10. Employee Code of Conduct
  11. Respect for universal human rights
  12. Receiving complaints/ complaints/ suggestions/ channels for receiving complaints and measures to protect complainants
  13. Responsibility to stakeholders (shareholders/ customers/ trading partners/ competitors/ creditors)



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