Corporate Governance Policy

Board of Directors of Fortune Parts Industry Public Company Limited has recognized the importance of good governance and social responsibility. Since there is no assurance that the good governance is good. It is important to help keep the business of the Company. Succeed And build confidence in the system of management that is efficient, transparent, verifiable, which helps build confidence for shareholders, investors, stakeholders. And all parties concerned Which will lead to sustainable growth and quality. And can add value to the business

The Company Board of Directors’ understanding of the roles and resposibilities to the shareholders. Including relevant and knowingly committed to operating under the principals of good corporate governance, rules, regulations, and best practices enforced by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The regulation also define and review, including and evaluation of policies related to good corporate governance base on 5 components:

1. The Rights of Shareholders
2. The Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
3. The Role of Stakeholders
4. Disclosure and Transparency
5. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The directors, executive committees and employees, including employees of subsidiaries,
have followed a policy of good corporate governance as the following:

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